Artist Statement

My work explores immigration, identity, and privilege. I am a part of a hybrid culture, which is marked by forces of exclusion. As a first generation American, I am concerned with the deterioration of my families’ property in their native country. Coming from different locations in Mexico, they sought refuge and safety in the United States. For forty years, members of my family have migrated back and forth, and most have obtain legal documents. Because of my legal status, my role has always been the photographer of home in both countries; photographs I take become windows into the spaces my undocumented family members cannot see. I document mementos to remember both homelands and in turn generate an active archive of these keepsakes. Currently, my focus is on the transient purposes between my representation of this country and the country my family came from. The materials I work with are bilingual instructional lessons, family photos, home videos, and interviews. These materials bring attention to my experiences and vigilance within my identity as a Mexican-American.